‘Missile defense will never work,’ they said.

It’s a technological pipe dream, they said.

Ronald Reagan was senile for even pushing ‘Star Wars,they said.

A new video posted today on a pro-Israel, anti-Hamas YouTube channel called ‘Sin’ purports to show the Iron Dome, Israel’s short-range missile defense system, simultaneously intercepting 15 separate Qassam rockets.

Even if it did work it’d just destabilize the situation, they said.

Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday reached a long-term cease-fire after seven weeks of fighting, according to officials on both sides, halting the longest, bloodiest battle either side has experienced in years — but without resolving many of the bigger issues underlying the conflict.

They’ve said a lot of things, haven’t they?

Moe Lane (crosspost)




  • Socratease says:

    I suspect Hamas was trying to overwhelm the Iron Dome defense. They’re going to run out of missiles pretty quick if they keep that up, plus it makes targeting the launchers easier. Very impressive performance.

    • jetty says:

      They most likely knew the point of launch before the rockets were intercepted. Unfortunately, most of the rockets were probably launched on top of schools and hospitals, so Israel was limited in countering.

      • Luke says:

        They weren’t.
        The laws of war are very specific and deliberate about a protected place losing its protection when being used by the enemy to launch attacks.
        The only thing that stopped Israel is their squeamishness, and that much of the planet cares more that Israel dies in a grease fire than actual lawfulness.

  • BigGator5 says:

    Moe, you have made no secret that you were once a liberal.
    Do you have anything to say?

    • Moe_Lane says:

      I was raised a Truman Democrat, which is not exactly the same thing. My father’s opinion about Communists was permanently affected by getting shot twice by them in Korea; Reagan was not beloved in our house, but only because of domestic policy.

      • Moe_Lane says:

        Besides, geez, I was in college when the Berlin Wall came down. If I had an opinion on the subject it probably would have been a stupid one, on general principles. 🙂

  • Cameron says:

    “Every puff of white up there represents up to several hundred civilians NOT murdered by Hamas.”
    And that sobbing you hear is from the liberals in our country who bemoan Hamas’s technological disadvantages.

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