Rep. Andy Harris (R, Maryland): oh, yeah, the feds are doing subpoenas over Maryland #Obamacare exchange.

I should note that I have no personal knowledge that this is going on

A Maryland Congressman says subpoenas are being issued in a federal investigation into Maryland’s health exchange. He believes there was fraud in the system that cost taxpayers millions but didn’t work right at the start.


Congressman Andy Harris says there appears to be evidence of fraud. He is Maryland’s only Republican in Congress and has fought Obamacare. But this investigation—if it’s happening—is being conducted by what is supposed to be a non-political government agency.

…but neither am I surprised by this news.  The Maryland state Obamacare exchange is a disaster, and if HHS’s Office of the Inspector General (the agency that Rep. Harris said was involved) is looking into it, well, things could get messy for the O’Malley/Brown administration.  With a special emphasis on ‘Brown:’ Anthony Brown is up to his neck in the troubles with the Maryland state exchange. Will subpoenas will affect the gubernatorial election? I don’t know, Timmy!  Let’s find out!

And, before you ask: the various OIGs have been at quiet war with the Obama administration for years now.  And when we take back the Senate in November, they’ll be even more so next year, too.