Speaking of getting old, *my* advice to college students is kind of cynical.

And probably shouldn’t be put up on RedState: to wit, it is my considered opinion that if you happen to be a right-of-center heterosexual male going to college, you probably shouldn’t date, shouldn’t hook up with, and most definitely should not have sex with, any female college student who identifies as ‘liberal’ or ‘Democrat.’  These days it’s a blipping craps shoot over whether you’ll end up getting sued. Or arrested.  Sure, the odds are still extremely low, but is it really worth the risk?

This does not mean that you should be impolite to anyone, or dismissive, or disrespectful, or otherwise unfriendly, simply because of their political views. Just don’t, you know, drink or fornicate with them. Better safe than sorry.

Moe Lane

PS: What’s that? “lol durr nobody want to sleep with stoopid republicans anyway lol.”  Good!  Then this will be a really easy policy for Righty college students to implement. Glad that we established that from the start!

11 thoughts on “Speaking of getting old, *my* advice to college students is kind of cynical.”

  1. I think that’s good advice for a male of any political stripe. Even a Che Guevara T-shirt will not protect you from trumped-up sexual assault charges.

      1. Well, don’t forget that most college kids have never operated independently out in the real world. That experience will turn some of those 19 year old commies into 30 year old conservatives. They’re still a bit young yet to be TOO condemning.

        1. Another reason to go easy on the social media, by the way. Your 30 year old self will often think your 19 year old self was a dumbass.

          1. You have *no idea* how happy I am to be old enough that my childhood *wasn’t* online….

  2. I despise how the attitude from the people that passed it is “We’ll just wait for a court case to figure out the problems with this.”

  3. The “hookup culture” always seemed overrated to me. You don’t know where some of these women have been. Or, worse, you know *exactly* where they’ve been. O_o

  4. I would modify that advice. Unless you are in a STEM field, or have some really well thought out and realistic career plans that take into account the current and future dismal economy; go instead to a Tech school or vocational program to learn something practical. If you can do so without accumulating student debt, you are far better off than your contemporaries. College today is not for everyone, and there are NOT jobs for all college graduates, nor will there be for the foreseeable future.

    If you do go to college, under no circumstances get socially involved [no matter how casually] with a female fellow student, or one who has recently been a female college student. Date townies. The risk to your future is not worth dealing with indoctrinated Leftists who may decide years in the future to screw your entire life up on a whim.

    The risk/reward analysis has tipped drastically in the last few years.

  5. Funny, I have a son who’s a senior in high school right now and we were talking about this today. My position: if you’re white, straight, and male, you are entering enemy-held territory. Spend as little time as you can there in order to get what you want. Be pleasant, be vague, avoid deep entanglements of any kind, and for God’s sake don’t sleep with anyone. Live off campus, socialize with people who don’t go to your college, carry onto campus only what you can do without, and don’t park or store belongings in territory controlled by the college. Remember that everything – your internet usage, your phone, your conversations, and your physical activities – are potentially under surveillance. You do not have the right to express the wrong opinions or associate with the wrong people. You do not have the right to due process. You do not have the right to counsel or advice. You do not know who will rat you out or why, and innocence and truth are not valid defenses to accusations.
    Sounds paranoid? Good. Higher education in this day and age is a serious exercise in life under an arbitrary and grossly incompetent authoritarian regime. Only fools lack paranoia in Soviet Russia.

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