Two depressing things about Obama’s sudden return to DC.

Here’s the background:

And here are the two depressing things:

  • That President Obama thinks that going back to DC while the world is melting down instead of staying where he was after a busy day of fundraising* is an improvement in Obama’s behavior.
  • And that it actually is**.

Barack Obama: a man who does not so much believe in being graded on a curve as he more or less demands it.

Moe Lane

*Because God forbid that Barack Obama temporarily not fund-raise while there are bad things happening.

**Note: I am not saying that Obama’s behavior is good.  Just that it’s slightly better than what he was doing before.

One thought on “Two depressing things about Obama’s sudden return to DC.”

  1. I’m still wondering exactly who or what he’s fundraising *for*.
    One would think that this would be a salient point in all the news stories about his fundraising trips, but I’ve never seen it actually mentioned.
    Is he feathering his own nest, even though he can’t run again?
    Raising money for his personal PAC of Organizing for America?
    I don’t think he’s likely to be doing it for the DNC (even though he’s the head of the party). There are too many other things he could easily do to help them out, that he has shown no inclination of doing.
    I have to think it doesn’t reflect well on him. Otherwise such an obvious question would have an answer.

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