11 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, How Long Before YOU Abruptly Realize You Watched This Stuff? edition.”

  1. I never even heard of any of those, thank goodness. Do people really get paid for writing that stuff? I’m in the wrong line o’ work…

  2. I remember watching, and enjoying, Misfits of Science. Of course, I was also in 6th grade…
    Dean Paul Martin was Dean Martin’s son. Sadly, he died in an airplane crash not long after the show was canceled. I believe he was a pilot in the Air National Guard and died in a crash.
    Yep. Just verified by Google. It’s weird what memories stick around after nearly — Christ, nearly 30 years…

  3. Made it to 3:00. I must live in an alternate reality because I don’t remember any of these except Manimal. Automan? Wizards and Warriors? I guess being out at sea during the 80s/90s had its advantages.

  4. The Sci-Fi Network reran Automan maybe 10 years back, before they rebranded to the syphilis network, and as I recall it was a gloriously terrible period piece. Other than that, er, I definitely remember Manimal, and none of the others.

  5. I remember watching Manimal. The rest, no. Although, I didn’t have time to watch a lot of TV in the late 80s.

  6. Watched all of Misfits of Science when it was on. remember liking Courtney Cox in it, but like many, switched to Jennifer Aniston when Friends started

  7. Vague memories of Manimal .. think I caught the trailers, not the show. Highwayman, sadly, I remember sitting through the pilot.
    Misfits of Science I also remember, it was one I wanted to like but ..
    Eh. Yeah, it was a strange era.

  8. I have heard of one or two of the shows and five or six of the actors but I have never seen a single episode of any of them. My tastes have always run to the more highbrow, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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