Democrats putting down down payment on Greg Orman in Kansas-SEN race.

I think that it’s adorable that the Kansas Democratic party thinks that it can simply assign Orman a DSCC operative and claim that it doesn’t mean anything:

Independent candidate Greg Orman isn’t saying which party he would caucus with if he wins election to the U.S. Senate in Kansas, but he has now hired a veteran Democratic aide to serve as a spokesman.

Orman’s addition of former Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee aide Mike Phillips to his campaign team has Republicans claiming the candidate is showing his true colors.

…’Claiming?’ Try ‘pointing out.’  Look, everybody reading this knows full well that, in the actually-unlikely chance that the Democratic party’s Hail Mary play works*, Greg Orman would caucus with the Democrats even if the GOP had fifty-five seats in the Senate.  He’s a Democrat.  He’s being bought by the Democratic party even as we speak.  Don’t insult our intelligence, OK?

Moe Lane

*Kentucky, Mississippi, and Georgia.  The major difference there between those races and the one  of Kansas is that the anger and bad feelings about the Kansas Senatorial primary haven’t had a chance to dissipate in its own turn.  Yet.

2 thoughts on “Democrats putting down down payment on Greg Orman in Kansas-SEN race.”

  1. Not entirely true about Mississippi, the bad feelings are still there, they’re just being buried. I find it more likely that the 183,00 McDaniel voters decline to turnout then vote D.
    Same goes for the Wolf voters. I think Roberts and Cochran have done as much as possible to divide the party and I don’t know if they can heal it in time for November ( I’ve made my opinion of Cochran well known on RS and thus won’t repeat)
    At the same time I don’t think the Democrats are going to gain much from the Party division.

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