DCCC cutting and running in New York-21 race.

The race in NY-21 is an open seat – Bill Owens is retiring, largely because it’s more dignified than losing – and the DCCC just pulled a planned major ad buy there:

 The cancellation could be a sign the Democratic super PAC is throwing in the towel on The Empire State’s 21st District. The television buy, scheduled for Oct. 7 through 20 and totaling $300,000, is in a district that is considered a top pickup opportunity for Republicans.


The cancellation comes as national Republicans become increasingly bullish about their nominee, former White House aide Elise Stefanik. She picked up New York’s Independence Party nomination this week, and a recent poll showed her leading her opponent by 13 points.

The news that Elise Stefanik is winning in NY-21 is equally as surprising as the news that Chris Gibson has opened up a commanding lead over carpetbagger Sean Eldridge in NY-19. Which is to say: neither is surprising to me, but it’s going to come as one heck of a shock to the Democratic base in November. Those folks consider New York to be theirs; the idea that the Democratic gains of 2012 could be reversed, even partially will alarm many in the Democratic party.

But not as much as losing House seats in California would.  Keep watching that one…


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