Pro-forma DOOM in NC-02.

There’s a reason why NC-02 is rated Safe Republican these days, and here it is:

When your campaign signs demonstrate that your overall strategy is to explicitly confuse potential voters about your political party affiliation, your campaign is pretty much over. Renee Ellmers is going to beat Clay Aiken, and Aiken is unlikely to be gracious about it. He’ll be amusingly ungracious about it, though. Which should be fun!

Moe Lane

3 thoughts on “Pro-forma DOOM in NC-02.”

  1. Aiken’s main problem seems to be a lack of curiosity ..
    As in, if Aiken were just a tad more curious, he would have wondered why running as a GOP candidate in the GOP primary wouldn’t work … ?

  2. Election night Aiken will call the NC-02 a land of festering homophobia, bank on it.

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