USSC on same-sex marriage: ‘Not our problem, macushla.’

This is going to raise eyebrows:

Which essentially means this:

This apparently surprised the veteran court-watchers; I’m still trying to process it myself. You’d think that there would have been a four-Justice consensus on the Court to at least settle this issue…

3 thoughts on “USSC on same-sex marriage: ‘Not our problem, macushla.’”

  1. I think expecting the court to “settle things” is a wrong basis. The court likes to settle things, true .. and Kennedy, it’s been mentioned, has been working on gay marriage for quite a while ..
    There may well be a consensus to “settle” it, but .. there may also be a consensus to “see what happens”.
    Put another way, it serves the liberal wing’s purposes to let an additional X marriages take place, and it serves the conservative wing to let a subset of those marriages begin to encounter the crapload of stare decisis we know as divorce law…
    I expect this will be looked at in 2015, not 2014.

  2. You know, the GOPestablishment keeps telling Conservatives it needs to ‘big tent’ with them so they can get the Judicial Nominees we like.

    But gee. Souter and Roberts really don’t seem to be doing much to elicit assurance that this strategy is profitable. When district courts can overthrow the will of the people with impunity, knowing the Supremes are too busy with speaking engagements to review cases. And when they DO review cases, we get novel interpretations like the ObamaCare as tax ‘solution.’

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