The fascinating thing about #McRib posts. (“Traffic GOLD, Jerry! GOLD!”)

Write a five hundred word post, and it’s crickets sometimes. ┬áDo this…

…and you get responses and retweets and followings out the wazoo. It is a wonder, really.

5 thoughts on “The fascinating thing about #McRib posts. (“Traffic GOLD, Jerry! GOLD!”)”

  1. I have a deep, dark confession. I don’t really care for the McRib and don’t understand what the big deal is. Does this make me some sort of modern leper and do people need to point and shout “Unclean! Unclean” or does this simple qualify me as a hipster?

  2. I don’t hate it by any means (I can only recall ever having it once, and I recall thinking it would be not insignificantly improved if it weren’t so darn messy), but I don’t really get it either. I suppose a large part of it is the “limited time only” effect that is pretty rare for a fast-food joint.

  3. I support your right to poison your body in the manner(s) of your own choosing, provided you do not inflict the results of said poisoning upon me.

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