I’m neither alarmed nor anxious about this election. Sorry.

More here.  I suppose that alarm and anxiety are possible ways to view this election – personally, I’m going with ‘warm fuzzies’ and ‘desire to run up the score’ – but I’m not feeling it, sorry.  Also, odd: this particular tweet shows the Presidential approval score, while the article itself uses as a picture the marginally better news to the Democrats that they’re at +3 on the generic ballot question.  Funny, that.

Moe Lane

3 thoughts on “I’m neither alarmed nor anxious about this election. Sorry.”

  1. Interesting poll – since it only sampled ‘competitive’ House and Senate districts, it’s got a built-in Democratic bias this go-around, so the Democrats only having a 3 point advantage when you consider leaners is really pretty good.

    Also, just looking at the numbers, I’d bet with better crosstabs we’d find out that if the Republican base didn’t have a significant faction that disapproved of the Republicans in Congress, this election would be incredibly more of a blowout. I consider myself in that faction. But I’m hopeful that most of these guys will end up, in the end, voting mostly Republican.

    I kinda wish they’d drilled into that a bit more, asked, ‘if you’re a and you disapprove of your party in Congress, why?’ But I suspect they didn’t ask that because it might have helped the Republicans. In general Democrats are lock-step mind-numbed robots.

    1. “In general Democrats are lock-step mind-numbed robots.”
      34% STRONGLY APPROVE of his job performance. America is so screwed.

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