So. Parenting question.

Let’s say your youngest kid is home from school because of the usual arcane school scheduling system.  Being conscientious, you have of course dressed the child in fresh clothing.  However, some time in the middle of the morning you look up to discover that the child has quietly changed himself back into pajamas.

You open your mouth, and… shrug, and close your mouth.

Is this bad parenting, or awesome parenting?  I could see it either way.

17 thoughts on “So. Parenting question.”

  1. PJs are more comfy, who cares what they are wearing if they are not going anywhere? Next he might change into a costume of some such. Enjoy the day and play a game with him, not often you get time alone with just one child.

  2. He’s home, you’re not going anywhere. Screw it; let him lounge in the PJs and enjoy life. 🙂

  3. As someone once said (it may have been Dennis Miller): “Don’t sweat the petty things, and don’t pet the sweaty things.”

    I’m not a parent myself, but this seems totally harmless. No need to fix it.

  4. As long as you don’t have any preexisting rule explicitly forbidding such a thing, I’m with BigGator.

  5. … makes you a good parent.
    Stuffing him into his Halloween costume and taking him on an errand run is required for “awesome”.
    p.s. do not be surprised if he goes to college in his pajamas .. and do not make a big deal about that either.

    1. Love this, because we have done that . Or rather we have allowed our daughter to dress herself into a Halloween costume to run errands and it was nowhere near Halloween at the time.

  6. Just parenting. It would be BAD parenting if you made an issue of it *without* reason. It’s his day off, yes?
    And he could always be made to re-dress if absolutely necessary.

  7. We homeschool. My child regularly attends “school” in pjs. In fact, the traditional “1st Day of School” clothes we got for her were a new set of pjs.

  8. My only parent concern would be where were those clothes that were taken off left. If they were in an acceptable spot than–good parenting.

  9. over the last month, this is the article that has the most responses. Shows your readers priorities.

    As long as his choice of clothing is not a sign of open defiance, let him choose.

    Just don’t let him try to go to church/school like that.


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