:raised eyebrow: Chuck Hagel stepping down as SecDef.

Well, THAT was quick:

…And the Obama administration’s unstated policy of slavishly (albeit incompetently) imitating the Bush administration continues.

Moe Lane

PS: Oh man but that is going to be an epic confirmation hearing next year.

8 thoughts on “:raised eyebrow: Chuck Hagel stepping down as SecDef.”

  1. Hagel has been at odds with the WH. He knew we had to do more about ISIS…The rise of ISIS and fall of Iraq are to be laid at Obama’s feet, he is the C-I-C.

    Hagel makes a convenient scapegoat for all that has gone wrong with the Middle-East. Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood, deliberate failure to get a Status of Forces agreement with Iraq, and letting ISIS grow and swarm is on Obama.

    1. In this case, trying to use Hagel as a scapegoat after he’s been publicly at odds with Obama over this very issue is probably going to backfire.

  2. So, what’s the going rate for speeches by a guy that didn’t really do any job very well and is disliked by both parties?

    1. In accordance with Moe’s Tweet-of-the-Day post, they may want to pay him to keep his trap shut. One Pannetta is enough, for them, anyway. I would gladly take notes on Hagel’s perspective.

      1. So .. ISIS is one rather large crumb they’re trying to shove under the rug.
        What *else* will they saddle Hagel with?
        More interestingly, since Obama has not shown much in the way of loyalty to any outside his Chicago cohort, will they leak?

  3. Kind of coincidental that this occurred after Hagel started making noises about the need to modernize our nuclear forces or is that just me?

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