Tweet of the Day, Let’s Have A Little Bit Of Perspective On The Definition Of Emotional Trauma edition.

Dan McLaughlin, upon hearing that people were complaining about being mocked for their ‘need’ to delay their law exams because of emotional trauma inflicted upon them by hearing about the Ferguson riots (NO. REALLY):

Here’s my take on it. I expect children to act like, well, children: and yes, I’m calling a bunch of Ivy League law students ‘children,’ because I’m twice their age and they’re all acting half of theirs.  But never mind that right now: kids will, in fact, be kids.  Their teachers, on the other hand, should know better; and it’s in fact said teachers’ obligation to help make their students grow the heck up.

Because here’s the thing: eventually those kids will in fact go out into the big, bad world; and they will get smacked around. And nobody will care.  Best to learn how to walk it off now.

Moe Lane

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  • AndaO says:

    NB: I have a law degree, cum laude. Which I obtained while getting my MBA in the joint program while holding down a full time demanding (and I loved it) job while having growing children and I didn’t yet have any one to help w/ household cleaning. AND my girlfriends and I would go out every Thursday night to the BeerMug.

    I WAS very thankful for the Olympics in Atlanta which pretty much shut everything down for three weeks. LOL

    NOTE TO ALL FIRMS: never, ever, ever hire the whinny puppy that wrote the attached article. and, by the by, how did he have time to write an article when he was so traumatized??? Does he not know that he will need to pull 80 hour weeks?

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