Predictions for 2015.

These are quite often wrong.

  • John Boehner will be confirmed as Speaker of the House.
  • Mitch McConnell will be confirmed as Senate Majority Leader.
  • Neither Harry Reid nor Nancy Pelosi will announce their retirements in 2015.
  • A Republican will win the special election for NY-11.
  • The Supreme Court will, in a 5-4 decision, rule that Obamacare only authorizes subsidies to individuals who have signed up via a state exchange, not the federal one.
  • The next month after that will host one of the most intense domestic political debates in American history.
  • The Supreme Court will, also in a 5-4 split, rule that the US Constitution neither permits nor bans same-sex marriage. It will resolutely ignore the FF&C Clause, except in the dissents.
  • At least three Senators will announce this year, surprisingly, that they will not be seeking re-election.
  • David Vitter will win the governorship of Louisiana.  His running mate will be Elbert Guillory, who will also win.
  • Good 2015 movies:  Age of Ultron, Star Wars Episode VII, Inside Out.
  • Bad 2015 movies: Jurassic  World, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Fantastic Four, Jupiter Ascending.
  • 2015 movies that will defy analysis: Terminator: Genisys, Ant-Man.
  • Lastly: The Chicago Cubs will win the World Series.  I figure that the payoff from being right on this would easily make up for any sting from being wrong.

I think that should cover it.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Wait, one more: hoverboards!

11 thoughts on “Predictions for 2015.”

  1. Why didn’t we go for “marriage” to be strictly a religious construct and get the government out of the marriage business. Government could do “civil unions” or whatever for the tax purposes.

    We have dual recognition in my church (Catholic) –you can be “divorced” by the state and still married in the eyes of the church.

    That way Sally could CU with Mary, or with Mary and Susie, or with Bob and Mary and Fred and George. Or whatever else the state would decide on. But it wouldn’t be called “marriage.”

    1. Because our society can not long survive without heterosexual couples getting married, having kids, and staying together to raise them.

      OTOH, our society can survive perfectly fine without giving gay couples a club to beat on everyone else.

  2. I predict that Episode VII will be decent enough, but will have massive amount of internet hate thrown at it for minute errors and breaks in continuity with the Expanded Universe.

    1. The newer Star Trek movies had an advantage, a multiverse has been long established in Star Trek, along with alternate timelines and the like.

      It was easy to argue that the new movies were in an alternate timeline, so all other treklore wasn’t retconned.

  3. I predict that casting Gilbert Gottfried as the voice of Yoda will not turn out as badly as people think.

  4. 2015 movies that will defy analysis: Terminator: Genisys, Ant-Man.
    “Ant-Man” brings to mind “MANT,” the film-within-a-film in the delightful little movie Matinee
    MANT! Half-man, half-ant — ALL TERROR!

    1. Ant-man is the Marvel Universe’s Atom. He’s also one of the major core members of the Avengers dating back to at least the 60’s if not earlier.

  5. “Bad 2015 movies… The Fantastic Four.”

    It will easily be in the top five all time Fantastic Four movies.

  6. 1&2, since no one is running against them… pretty sure these will pan out.

    3. If Harry’s health holds out 2 years, he’ll stick around to see how `16 shapes up. If it looks like the Senate will swing back he’ll run again, if not he’ll bail. Nancy will have to be removed with prybars and pliers to our resounding benefit.

    4. Sure, why not. Hopefully a better one than the previous one.

    5. On the plus side, a big piece of a bad law is struck down. On the bad side, its original perverse incentive kicks in full force. Don’t be surprised if R governors start creating State Exchanges now.

    6. And O will do nothing productive and let a R dominated congress twist in the wind producing solutions he will inevitably veto or have the D Senate rump filibuster. All to pressure R governors to create State Exchanges.

    7. You have more optimistic expectations of Anthony Kennedy than I do. The man declared the DMA an act of irrational hatred in his ruling. He will do the same here.

    8. Sure. Why not.

    9. Is Jindal term limited? Has Vitter declared any intent along these lines or is this your gut talking?

    10. I’ll take your word for it. I’m kind of Marveled out.; Ep. 7 can’t meet expectations but it may be good entertainment.; Pixar has lost some luster for me… but I remain open to them. We’ll see

    11. I was never the market for any of these. I hope at least one of them is bad enough for a good RiffTrax.

    12. So. Dead. To. Me.; Eh. More low tier Marvel characters. I’ll catch it on DVD or Netflix.

    13. It’s a sign of the apocalypse, Moe! Don’t wish for it!

  7. I have high hopes for “jupiter ascending” and “mad max”, “Jurrasic Park” will probably disapoint, “Fantastic Four” Is doomed (NO PUN INTENDED)

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