Forget 2015. I keep trying to tell myself that it’s Friday.

Because if today is Friday, then tomorrow is Saturday, which means the day after tomorrow is Sunday, which means the day after that is Monday and they all go elsewhere for the day and I can… I don’t know.  Probably vacuum.  God, this house needs so many vacuums.  And possibly an old priest and a young priest.


I mean, thank God that we didn’t try to travel with four cases of the Plague, at least three sinus infections, and a lymph node that’s thankfully responding well to antibiotics, but we had traveled then at least I wouldn’t be here.  It’s been a long goram week, and I got another half-week to go. Whee….

Moe Lane

PS: Not looking for sympathy and/or comfort: merely venting here, because it’s not my wife and kids’ fault that they’ve been ill.  Or that I have been ill, either.