Quote of the Day, Why No Democrat Should Ever Talk About ‘Torture’ Again edition.

I offer this advice out of a certain terrible, detached pity. Seldom in American domestic political history have we seen a group of people manage to this thoroughly discredit their own side’s position on something. Honestly, they would have done better to sit in the corner, and shut up.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), who chairs the Senate intelligence committee, launched a six-year, 6,000-page, $40 million investigation into the CIA interrogation program, with the goal of convincing Americans that a) the program did not work and that b) enhanced interrogations were wrong and should never again be permitted.

She failed on all counts.

Just before Christmas, a Post poll revealed the American people’s final verdict. The vast majority agree with the CIA that these techniques were necessary and justified. A majority think that Feinstein should never have released her report. And — most importantly — 76 percent said they would do it again to protect the country.

It’s actually highly ironic.  The goal for the Left, of course, was to convince the American people that EITs like water-boarding were acts of torture.  This… more or less succeeded.  What the Left did not anticipate was that the American people would then decide that then maybe torture wasn’t all that bad.  Brilliant move there, you n-dimensional geniuses from beyond Space and Time. Brilliant.

Have a cookie.

Moe Lane

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