Hey, got in a session of D&D, Fifth Edition.

So, yeah, bards shouldn’t be the meat shields. Although I didn’t think at first that we had a choice: we somehow managed to put a party without a single wizard, cleric, fighter, and/or thief. On the bright side, between the four of us the party could actually produce a viable band.

It was pretty fun, actually. It’ll be even more so when I learn not to get laid out on the floor quite so often. I need to get a ranged weapon…

5 thoughts on “Hey, got in a session of D&D, Fifth Edition.”

  1. Yeah, it’s the first edition since AD&D (I’m dating myself badly) that’s actually playable. They fixed monks, I think. I still can’t stand bards, but I think they’re better. We’re definitely having fun with it.
    I’m not so sure about the strange player races (Tiefling and Dragonborn, to be specific). Not that they’re impossible to play, but it’s kind of strange to imagine a party with that kind of physical members that wouldn’t be thrown out of every decent establishment ever. Half-orcs were bad enough…

  2. I got the PHB as an after-Christmas gift card purchase, mainly to see how they screwed it up this time.
    I’m very impressed. Enough so that I’m actually trying to figure out when I have time to run a game.
    After my horror at 3.*, and my utter indifference to 4, I never even thought I might be interested in the game again–except as a nostalgia piece.

    1. First Edition: 1977-1989. 12 years.
      Second Edition: 1989-2000. 11 years.
      Third and 3.5 Edition: 2000-2008. 8 years.
      Fourth Edition: 2008-2014. 6 years.
      By my calculations, 6E ought to be out summer 2018.

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