Tweets of the Day, …It Really IS All Valerie Jarrett’s Fault edition.

What we have here is a failure to communicate. And if Valerie Jarrett really is the President’s gatekeeper, then she’s responsible for what happened to the guy this weekend:

…Although I am starting to wonder whether Official Washington is gleefully setting Valerie Jarrett as the scapegoat for all of the Obama administration’s many, many communications sins. Very possibly: the woman is hated, the woman is feared, and best of all: the woman is not from Dizzy City. Mind you, I’m not really upset if Valerie Jarrett is being set up to take the fall, largely because she’s kind of earned it and I don’t see how her impact crater is going to splash over on anybody I care about. Guess that means that This Town is getting to me, too.  Maybe I should change my filtration mask filters…

Moe Lane


  • Catseyes says:

    This is what happens when the President skips his daily Intel briefings.

  • qixlqatl says:

    Maybe you could relocate to air that doesn’t require filtration?

  • Lady Penguin says:

    I don’t believe Obama didn’t “know” about the gathering…he can’t have been that out of it – and there had to have been some discussion which led to the outcome of sending no one of a high stature to the solidarity march. By even keeping Holder away (despite being in the country) the Obama administration piled on the insult.

    Obama’s been thumbing his nose at America for 6 years, now he is doing it to the rest of the world. No surprise.

    • Herp McDerp says:

      Obama’s been thumbing his nose at America for 6 years, now he is doing it to the rest of the world.
      Eh. This is the same “rest of the world” who in 2008 hailed him as the savior who would civilize those stupid cowboy Americans. The joke is on them. (And if they can’t take a joke, well …)

  • countrydoc says:

    I suspect a lot of Dems inside media and out are quietly waiting for this admin to be out of office. Once that happens revenge will be taken, particularly against Ms. Jarrett. It will not be pretty, but it will be deserved.

  • Luke says:

    I freely admit that were I President, I wouldn’t have gone.
    Empty ceremonies like this are what the Vice President is for.
    Of course, I also wouldn’t have elected a Veep that was going to reliably embarrass me in public.

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