More from the Shadow War between White and Black Democratic legislators.

It’s a Shadow War because neither side wants to admit that one is going on, but one is going on.

The big gap between Democratic success at the presidential level and elsewhere “is a real dilemma, I think, for democracy really, not just the Democratic Party,” said Rep. David Price of North Carolina, a 14-term congressman and former Duke University political scientist. He said Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Virginia display the “most egregious” examples of gerrymandered districts for congressional and state legislative races.

This long-practiced brand of partisan map-making, Price said, helps Republicans control the legislatures of states that vote Democratic for president. But in a sign of local Democrats’ struggles to change voters’ minds, Price said the best prospect for reversing the trend – in the South, at least – is in lawsuits that allege racial bias in the way Republicans drew district boundaries.

Dave Price is the representative for what is often called “The People’s Republic of Chapel Hill” – and my, but doesn’t he just represent! –  which is something that should have been mentioned. As is the fact that the goal here of Democrats is to break up the VRA’s majority-minority districts, because as it stands locking away those votes from white Democrats is killing white Democratic political careers left and… slightly-less-left.  Expect more of what happened in Maryland (short version: the legislature ignored VRA guidelines in order to carve out another white Democrat-friendly district, instead of a minority-friendly one) to happen in other states where the Democrats have full control*… which is a less weighty statement than it looks, given how right now there aren’t that many states where Democrats have full control.

Including, now that I think of it, Maryland. Explain that one, ye Democratic party pundits and politicos.

Moe Lane

*And expect people like David Price to not say a blessed word about that.

14 thoughts on “More from the Shadow War between White and Black Democratic legislators.”

      1. (waves)
        Hi, I’m not that far from you… and would you really want to trade a terrified Dem for an entrenched Repub like Roskam?

          1. Ah, yeah, I had mis-remembered where the line was.. but compare to all other districts covering part of Cook County to see the minority-majority effect.

        1. I used to have Judy Biggert. She would listen and was better than Quigley. I’m still trying to convince another Fermilab colleague to run against Bill “smarter than you” Foster. Bill really thinks average voters (Joe 6-pack) need him to take care of them.

      2. Ga. 2 isn’t all that obvious… until you zoom in on the way the lines cut through Columbus and Macon

  1. And we’re back at the O’bama coalition and how it doesn’t translate to democrat success at the polls. If only we could move a hundred thousand votes into other districts we’d win. But then there might not be a majority minority district.
    I wonder how long the democrats are going to be chasing the O’bama unicorn trying to recreate a once in a lifetime event.

    1. Oh, it’s a very simple solution – get white Dem voters to vote for non-white Dem candidates.
      Of course, they haven’t figured this out in forever, so ..

  2. It’s not a matter of figuring it out it’s a matter of putting it into practice. Getting white dems to vote for black dem candidates is something the left hasn’t figured out how to do.
    And with any luck the dems will still be trying to reassemble the O’bama coalition in 2100, for a white male candidate.

    1. You ask too much of luck. With any luck, the U.S.A. will still be a functional Republic in 2100. 85 more years, there’s no saying that the political landscape will even feature two parties known as Democrat and Republican. I’ll settle for the Democrats remaining befuddled through ’20… 😉 (they always figure it out sooner or later)

    2. Eventually a Republican will screw up badly enough that a Dem won’t need to do much to win, e.g. Nixon/Watergate and the election of 76.
      Keep in mind that since Truman the Dems have been trying to recreate the New Deal Coalition that made FDR-Truman so unbeatable.

      The GOP has been trying to do the same since Reagan.

      The Dems will do the same for Obama, BUT like post-New Deal, they’ll probably only win if we do something truly stupid ( and we will its inevitable)

      So lets not start thinking about permanent majorities, we made that mistake after 04.

      1. Also applies to how Clinton got in .. enough of the GOP voted for Perot.
        Just want that on the record here.

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