Barack Obama kind of, deniably, sort of implies certain Democratic Senators may have divided loyalties.

When it comes to foreign policy. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge, say no more…

Gee. I wonder what Barack Obama could possibly be hinting at: “At a closed-door meeting on Thursday, President Barack Obama suggested that some Democratic senators base their foreign policy positions on the preferences of their campaign donors.”  The subject in question is Iranian sanctions; and after Barack Obama made his comments Sen. Robert Menendez, of all people, did not take it kindly:

Mr. Menendez, who was seated at a table in front of the podium, stood up and said he took “personal offense.”

Mr. Menendez told the president that he had worked for more than 20 years to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions and had always been focused on the long-term implications. Mr. Menendez also warned the president that sanctions could not be imposed quickly if Congress waited to act and the talks failed, according to two people who were present.

I hope that the President understands that those are dangerous waters to go fishing in.  That wasn’t a progressive donor’s dining room or a private seminar hosted by a Big Left activist group. Comments that would be chuckled at there as being saucy euphemisms get a good deal less amusing, and a good deal inflammatory, out in the real world. And even a hack like Menendez can feel legitimate umbrage at being told that he’s operating at the beck and call of shadowy donors*.

Moe Lane

*Ironically, Menendez probably is – but not on foreign policy. I mean, I consider the man a corrupt suckweasel, but I would hesitate to insinuate that he puts his donors’ wishes before America’s. Heck of a thing when I have more respect for a Democratic Senator’s tattered integrity than does the Democratic President of the United States…


  • Herp McDerp says:

    And some Democratic presidents base their foreign policy positions on the anti-American, anti-capitalist prejudices of their Iran-born policy advisors … but I’m not naming any names.

    • Diamondback says:

      Wondered when somebody was going to bring up rumored Iranian operative Valerie Jarrett… LOL 😀

  • Antoninus Pius says:

    it’s happened in the past, that a Dem politician cared about keeping the country safe and strong rather than trying to drive it off a cliff. Truman, JFK. Scoop Jackson. thot they might be extinct. possibly i was mistaken.

    • Diamondback says:

      I suspect it’s more “if this little prick burns it all down there’ll be nothing left for me and mine to LOOT.”

      But hope springs eternal…

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