Recommendation for indicting AG Kathleen Kane (D, PA) made public

Well, it’s official: “A grand jury has recommended that Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane face charges of perjury and abusing the authority of her office, according to court documents made public Wednesday… The panel investigated allegations that someone in Kane’s office leaked secret grand jury material to retaliate against her critics. Whether to charge Kane remains in the hands of Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Ferman.” I say ‘official’ because it was only a rumor a few weeks ago; but now we know that a grand jury wants to see the Democratic Attorney General for Pennsylvania be put on trial for felony perjury.

What happens next? Well, AG Kane is currently being defiant about the whole thing: we’ll see how that holds up against an actual indictment – or whether the PA political system will accept a resignation in lieu of indictment.  Either way, Pennsylvania Democrats just lost one of their better future prospects.  And ain’t that a shame.

Moe Lane

PS: Perjury is how they get you.  Every. Single. Time.

3 thoughts on “Recommendation for indicting AG Kathleen Kane (D, PA) made public”

  1. That Fifth Amendment is one of the most devious things ever written. It is a non-admission admission that points out where the digging should begin.

    “Thank you for that clarification, sir/ma’am/miss/ms; we’ll get right to work.”

  2. Seven sentences from the end, the article finally gets around to identifying her as a Democrat. Still, that’s better than NPR, which has nothing on its website about this news story.

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