If you can read this, thank… the Patriarchy, apparently.

The tweet below leads to a favorable review of a very odd book that argues that the alphabet is a primary tool of the patriarchy.


…Personally, I had to read said review in stages: I needed to vacuum the living room before it was time to go pick up my kids from school.  Oh, and check the mostly-vegetable soup that I’ve been simmering all afternoon. Well, ever since I got back from dropping off books at the library.  That’s me: Mister Paterfamilias…

Moe Lane

PS: On the merits of the book itself I have no opinion, and no desire to have one.  The review was quite enlightening in that regard, at least.

12 thoughts on “If you can read this, thank… the Patriarchy, apparently.”

  1. Wow. Between the review and what I can infer about a book I haven’t the slightest interest in reading, the preening code-worded blind arrogance is impressive. I think that the authors should both follow the natural conclusion of their work. They should abandon the alphabet, return to a feminocentric hunter-gatherer society, and leave the world to its patriarchy. If the alphabet itself is the problem, the only obvious solution is illiteracy. To which, admittedly, they’re closer than they know.

  2. That review reminds me of conversations I’ve had with Alzheimer’s patients. Most of the sentences make sense but the paragraphs don’t.

    1. Hitting a little close to home there, Jim, but .. yeah.
      Alzheimers victims have a medical reason, though – their reference frame shifts around often. Terry Pratchett’s experience is the exception, sadly.

  3. Thanks patriarchy!
    Cracks open another Lee Child “Reacher” or Michael Connelly “Bosch” book….

  4. Moving from a small nomadic clan to a settled large society would seem to me to be the source for both greater hierarchical organization and a need for written records.

    But hey – patriarchy! What can’t it do?

  5. I think that if ancient pre-writing civilizations are inherently feminist, then feminism is inherently pro-rape.

  6. Puts a whole new meaning to the phrase “History is written by the victors”, doesn’t it?

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