Is the sudden Democratic fixation on ‘income inequality’ backed by anything except its rear?

Serious question. I mean, you can’t read a Lefty these days (hey, it’s part of the job*) without them going on about how important income inequality is or how the Democrats are going to use income inequality as a springboard to electoral victory or (this is my favorite) how obviously we Republicans know that we have to get serious about income inequality and soon. It’s remarkably uniform on the Other Side, in fact. Remarkably uniform.

…Did I miss a bombshell poll or study? It’s OK to tell me, if I did. I mean, I know that I’m not perfect. Things can get past me and I won’t know until afterward. I won’t feel bad if it turns out that this is one of times when I just missed it; but I could have sworn that I would have seen it if it suddenly became clear that fighting income inequality was seen by the American public as the latest moral equivalent of war…

Moe Lane

*Although I suspect that it would infuriate many Left pundits to find out just how important a part of the job it was.

6 thoughts on “Is the sudden Democratic fixation on ‘income inequality’ backed by anything except its rear?”

  1. It’s gotten worse. Which is a bad thing, because equality.
    Never mind that their economic policies have been driving the increasing disparity. They certainly won’t.
    The same chorus tried to make an issue of this last election cycle. They tried really hard, but it didn’t resonate.
    Of course, leftists embrace envy like they believe we embrace greed. They aren’t going to stop making the attempt.

  2. IMHO, the Democrats are flailing around like a T-1000 dropped into molten metal. They keep trying the same old things that they’ve tried in the past, whether or not there’s actually any chance of them working or not. War on women, income inequality, racism, … what, you expect them to actually run on what they’re going to do for the country?

  3. My guess is they’re still trying to nurse the cinders of Occupy. Because revolution, and stuff; Resulting, predictably, in an acute case of Heinlein-ian “Bad Luck.”

  4. Some people have money. Some people do not have money. This is not FAIR!! which makes it a crisis.

  5. It’s about taxes, Moe. They can’t raise people’s taxes, but they can increase their wages and thus, vala, more taxes.
    I am shocked you haven’t gotten your head around that yet.

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