Corrupt Governor John Kitzhaber (D, Oregon) MUST be recalled.

And not a moment too soon, either.

Two leaders of Republican Dennis Richardson’s failed gubernatorial campaign last fall have filed a prospective petition with the state seeking to launch a recall of Gov. John Kitzhaber.

It’s the second recall effort filed this week, yet potentially the more viable. Richardson has a vast email database that could help achieve the 220,000 signatures necessary to get a recall on the ballot.

…Are you a legal voter of Oregon?  Then it behooves you to sign this petition, when it becomes available in July. John Kitzhaber is so self-evidently corrupt that even the Oregonian – a paper that endorsed Kitzhaber – is calling for his resignation. This is a known thing; few dispute it.  In fact, it should have been the Democrats who started the recall process.  

But they won’t.  Instead, they’re circling the wagons as we speak: “Secretary of State Kate Brown on Friday refused to accept two proposed recall petitions aimed at Gov. John Kitzhaber, saying they can’t be filed until he’s served six months of his new term in office.” Kate Brown, no one here will be shocked to hear, is one of the few remaining alumnae from George Soros’s infamous Secretary of State Project: and there will be no peace in the statehouses until the last of those people are pried out of their positions.  And I say that while nonetheless agreeing that the opinion that she’s basing it on is germane to the situation; it’s just that I don’t like any of the state secretary of states that Soros managed to inflict on us.

Via Jim Geraghty, who wins this particular race-to-publish.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: It is entirely possible that even a recall petition that looks likely to succeed will result in John Kitzhaber cutting and running. While I’d prefer to replace a corrupt Democratic governor with a non-corrupt Republican one, speaking as a good American I’d have to say that replacing a corrupt Democrat with a Democrat that hasn’t been caught yet is still a net improvement. Besides, it absolutely infuriates the Hard Left when we demonstrate that we’re simply better at this stuff than they are.


6 thoughts on “Corrupt Governor John Kitzhaber (D, Oregon) MUST be recalled.”

  1. Sorry Moe, but I can’t support a recall election. It is a corrupt tool that can be use for any reason, as we saw in Wisconsin most resently.
    I do support the Impeachment process. Or if Gov. Kitzhaber signs, so much the better.

    1. … what does Gov. Kitzhaber knowing sign language have to do with anything?
      Oh, you meant REsigns. Gotcha.
      Yeah, he needs to be hounded out of office by his own party .. before too many of the prole class figure out they got fooled again.

    2. Or like California back in the day, and a hack like Ahnuld ruins the state party for a generation.

      1. Does anyone know if Dr. Wheby is perhaps interested in being a “better figurehead” than Ahnuld?
        Recognized statewide, and a lovely shade of purple …

  2. “It is a corrupt tool that can be use for any reason, as we saw in Wisconsin most resently.”

    There is an argument that the best way to deter someone from abusing a process is to threaten (and be able to carry out the threat) to return the favor. Like Mutually Assured Destruction it modifies behavior.

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