Foreign policy is going to be a BIG deal in 2016. Get used to it.

The acceleration of radical Islamist attacks in Europe – I don’t think that the jihadists are afraid of us anymore – is probably going to continue. I’m hoping like Hell we don’t have another terrorist attack on American soil, of course: and I think that our counter-terrorism apparatus is going to cocoon the White House when it comes to operational decisions, assuming that they haven’t done that already*. But even if we don’t have another Boston Marathon bombing it’s going to be thin going for any candidate who has had a hand in shaping American foreign policy between 2009 and today.

Yes, bad news for every single credible Democratic candidate.  But it’s not great news for many of the Republican ones, either.  I suggest that our own people – including the governors!  Dear God, particularly the governors – running for President spend every spare moment that they have getting up to speed on foreign affairs between now and then. Because I don’t think that even the primary electorate is going to see a single domestic policy as being more important than There Are People Who Really, Really Want To Kill Us All…

Moe Lane

*There are three things that bureaucracy actually can do well. It can keep good records; it can provide a consistent level of service under adverse conditions; and it can isolate purblind fools who have unaccountably been put into oversight positions. Hell of a thing when we’re relying on faceless bureaucrats to do a better job than Barack Obama at keeping us safe, admittedly; then again, they don’t have 24/7 Secret Service bodyguards, either.

4 thoughts on “Foreign policy is going to be a BIG deal in 2016. Get used to it.”

  1. it is *vital* that we elect someone determined to put the fear into these slimeballs. we did it in 1980, we can do it again.

    1. We can and have elected who we needed in the past.

      But will we in the future? That remains to be seen.

      1. “Past performance is no indication of future results”, Jeff?
        Yeah .. that’s kinda the flipside of saying “can’t happen here…” which is obviously false.

        1. These are the United States of America – here anything is possible.

          Sort of like Milliways’ but without the whole End of the Universe thing going on. Unless we do it, of course.
          We’re Americans; we’ll get past this latest group of lampreys and shoulder on because That is What We Do.*
          *I will be 49 in less than two weeks; and in my short time here I have read and heard many tidings of Doom. And yet, the USA continues to plow onward, the ship weathering all of the storms.** I look forward to the next dawn.
          **How many storms were supposed to sink us before this one? I think I have lost count. The only real ‘secular’ sin I can identify is despair. Do not give in to that one – ever.

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