This would have been a post about a @kickstarter project, but they hire racists…

…as noted here – so it’s not a post about a Kickstarter project.  Many of my readers would have been really happy to hear about that project, too – but, hey. A company’s priorities are a company’s priorities, am I right?

Moe Lane

PS: Oh, I’ll still personally sign up for a Kickstarter project.  That primarily benefits the producer. Free advertising on my site, on the other hand, benefits Kickstarter itself a little bit too much for my liking right now.

PPS: I am not even remotely expecting that this will make any significant difference, of course: if nothing’s been done** in the last three months then nothing will be done, and this is a 2K hit/day blog. But I find that I simply cannot just let this sort of thing slide without some kind of response.

*Yes, it’s a story from December.  I can hold a grudge as well as anybody.

**I couldn’t even find a sorry-you-were-offended.

3 thoughts on “This would have been a post about a @kickstarter project, but they hire racists…”

  1. I’d managed to forget all about that. I remembered there was a reason I want doing business with them, but couldn’t remember why. And even that was fading.

  2. She’s still on their ‘team’ list on the webpage too. So I guess they’re ok with racist pigs, as long as they’re racist against white people.

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