Went to go see ‘Kingsman,’

Short review: My, I’m surprised that Hollywood let this one get greenlit.

Slightly longer review: Fun, pretty well-made. Doesn’t take itself too seriously, doesn’t take our self-appointed ‘elites’ seriously at all.  Definitely a movie based on a comic book, as will become obvious very quickly.  Mark Millar and/or Matthew Vaughn pretty obviously love Bond flicks, and it shows.  Also: while hating this movie doesn’t mean that you’re somebody I dislike, I’m pretty sure that most of the people whom I dislike professionally also hate this movie*.

So, feel free to watch it.  As for the comic… well, I went and got The Secret Service: Kingsman.  So there’s that.

Moe Lane

*Sonny Bunch called it ‘conservative in a “Washington Free Beacon Trolling” sort of way.’  And, in case you don’t know: what the Washington Free Beacon doesn’t know about trolling its ideological opponents isn’t worth knowing.  Which is to say: Sonny means it as a compliment, and I do too.

6 thoughts on “Went to go see ‘Kingsman,’”

  1. It looks and sounds like a good popcorn movie: lots of gadgets, suave, and easily identified bad guys. I think I will have to see it myself.

    Seriously: if I wanted a movie to make me think I wouldn’t go see a movie.

  2. MovieBob was a tad too excited about the Westboro-ish church shoot out sequence. Somehow he made it, creepy…

    1. Well, all I can say that that sequence really was important for the plot. Also, Lord knows that nobody on the political spectrum was gonna be too upset to see it happen to a WBC stand-in…

  3. They did kill a whole metric tons of people. I’m surprised that SJW haven’t called out the movie for being racist for having the villain being a Black Billionaire with a loyal henchwoman who’s also disabled. And of course, they did kill all those people, including the important one.

  4. I’ve heard the Kingsmen are supposed to be modern knights of the roundtable. So, is there a King? Or some kind of roundtable ethos?

    Without that, I don’t know it is conservative in any other way than “South Park Conservative.” Which is maybe not at all.

    1. In the movie, we get to see 3 knights plus 1 ‘non-combatant’ and one king.

      Michael Cain plays “Arthur”
      Colin Firth plays “Galahad”, Harry Hart
      Jack Davenport plays “Lancelot”
      Mark Strong plays “Merlin” the non-combatant

      There is also a “Percival”, but I cannot find the name of the actor.

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