Book of the Week: Tour De Lovecraft.

If you haven’t read Tour de Lovecraft The Tales, then… One hundred and eleven bucks on Amazon!?! That much? Ken, for the love of God: put out a new edition! Oh, don’t worry: the Kindle version is eight bucks.  If you’re looking for a good survey on H.P. Lovecraft’s works, this is what you want to read.

And so, adieu to… I don’t know; should I try to sell my copy?  I don’t need the money, but that is a ludicrous sum.  Sorry.  adieu to Reaper Man.


  • Luke says:

    You could just buy all of Lovecraft’s stories for a buck in digital form, read them, and form your own opinions.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am a Kenneth Hite fanboy. His essays on the Mythos (and nearly everything else) are top-notch, and I highly recommend them.
    But if you’re going to read criticism and analysis, it’s worthwhile to be familiar with the material being criticised and analysed.
    For instance, take “At the Mountains of Madness”. Ken loves the story for reasons he’s more than capable of defending. I loathe it, simply because it’s an attempt to make cosmic horror comprehensible. The theme is therefore rather directly at odds with everything else Lovecraft ever wrote for publication. (OK, slight hyperbole, but not by much.)
    Which doesn’t make my opinion right and his wrong (or vice versa). It’s a matter of opinion, and what chords resonate with you. (Two of my favorite Lovecraft pieces are “The Terrible Old Man” and “The Silver Key”. And I freely admit that this is a minority position to hold.)

  • Antoninus Pius says:

    atomic overmind has been promising a reprint for years. and i actively dislike reading things on gadgets. give me a book any day. keep your copy. when the EMP hits you’ll be glad you did.

  • acat says:

    … have you ever considered running auctions?
    “Moe Lane’s copy of ‘Tour De Lovecraft’, including ‘from the library of Moe Lane’ autographed bookplate”…
    Start bidding at $100 and see what happens.
    In the interest of clarity, no, Cat does not have a spare Franklin and if I *do* buy this, it’ll be the Kindle version that I’ll read on .. one of my Kindle-type devices.

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