Blast from the past: the return of Kremlinology.

I can’t really say that I missed it.

Is Vladimir Putin dead?

Who knows?

What’s clear is that something has been going on in Moscow for at least a week, and whatever it is, the Kremlin prefers that it remain a secret.

I dunno what’s going on with Vladimir Putin, either. I don’t think that anybody does. Which is pretty much the problem, right there.

Via Instapundit, but I can’t find the tweet. [UPDATE: Ah. Wrong person:]

5 thoughts on “Blast from the past: the return of Kremlinology.”

  1. I’ve seen everything from tanks in the streets, to the Kremlin has lost partial power, to Putin has had a stroke, to Putin is dead, to Putin is in Switzerland because his mistress is there and just gave birth…

  2. In time, we’ll know what happened, but not necessarily who did what to who.
    Which makes it great game material.

    1. Eh. It’s just variant Gell-Mann amnesia with a higher than average conspiracy-theory quotient.
      72 hour rule applies.

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