This is a thoroughly scurrilous rumor! SCURRILOUS, I say!

Via @NathanWurtzel.

Honestly, I’m only passing it on because the New York Post front page is making me laugh, for all the wrong reasons.  I suspect there’s no chance at all that they can prove that Valerie Jarrett was behind the leak.  Which is, of course, not the same thing as saying that she didn’t do it…

3 thoughts on “This is a thoroughly scurrilous rumor! SCURRILOUS, I say!”

  1. It certainly has appeared that Obama’s camp has been driving the auto de fe.
    I’m curious as to whether it’s simply out of spite, or whether they’ve got a dark horse ready to enter the race.

  2. I wonder what dirt Hillary has on Obama that she can use in retaliation?
    Best case scenario: Each side reveals the truth about the other, and they both go down in flames.
    Note to whoever (Republican or Democrat) wins the Presidency in 2016: Before you move into the White House, have the place very thoroughly swept for bugs. Barack Obama’s entire career has been built by releasing dirt on his opponents and rivals. I don’t expect him to give up a successful strategy.

  3. Odd thought .. is it *possible* that this is the start of Hillary’s run against Obama?
    I mean .. his popularity is at very low ebb, she needs to run against her former boss in some way ..
    By painting Obama (or ValJ) as a petty, vindictive monster out to sabotage her she may garner some sympathy .. and more importantly, freedom to pick positions slightly different than those she once espoused.

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