I actually expect that the human trafficking bill will get resolved soon.

Mostly because Mitch McConnell actually has something that the Democrats want, this time: to wit, the ability to unlock the Loretta Lynch nomination. And now that the Democrats have found a face-saving way* to back off on the inclusion of Hyde Amendment-style language in the human trafficking bill, it’ll probably pass on the second try.  Aside from everything else, the papers are starting to get cranky… at the Democrats.

And that’s probably a bit more than ‘aside from everything else,’ at that.

Moe Lane

*Basically, the Democrats are now claiming that, oopsie, a nameless ‘staffer’ actually did notice back in February that the Republicans had put in language clarifying that this law did not permit federal money to be used to pay for abortions; that staffer just ‘forgot’ to tell anybody, that’s all.  As S.M. Stirling would say: bad staffer!  BAD!  No biscuit!  …And I hope nobody really believes that this staffer actually exists?


  • Aruges says:

    Has BO stated he’ll sign it? If he has, are they going to wait for him to have actually signed it before moving on Lynch? Otherwise… Stupid Party gonna Stupid.

    • midwestconservative says:

      Obama will veto while McConnell is rubberstamping his AG pick.

      • Moe_Lane says:

        If Obama was just gonna veto it, the Democrats would have let it go to a vote in the first place.

        • acat says:

          I wish I had your faith…
          Sadly, it is just as easy to believe that the last delay wasn’t to come up with the J. Random Staffer excuse, it was to ensure Val J knew to veto.

    • zamoose says:

      This has been my question all along.
      Mantra time!
      Please don’t be dumb Please don’t be dumb Please don’t be dumb Please don’t be dumb Please don’t be dumb ad infinitum

  • garfieldjl says:

    McConnell shouldn’t budge on this, the Democrats are in a completely indefensible position.

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