I’m not saying somebody paid to have Harry Reid beaten up. But if somebody did…

…it apparently was Planned Parenthood:

Tensions are roiling between Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi over an unusual point of contention for the two top Democrats: abortion policy.

The fight is serious enough that it could kill the House Minority Leader’s ambitious deal with Republicans on the so-called “doc-fix.”

The usual: Hyde Amendment (yup, just like the Loretta Lynch nomination, which has pretty much been kicked another three weeks down the road.  At least). I am beginning to think that something broke in Harry Reid’s head because of the accident (it almost certainly was really just an accident). And yes, something more.  Senator Reid is now picking fights in arenas where the GOP leadership can (and does) ignore pressure tactics. That Reid is making this a fight between him and Pelosi is particularly bizarre: there’s no real victory condition, there.

As for the March 31st deadline, well… if I’m offered a choice between federal funding of abortions and killing the doc fix, guess what? I don’t like the doc fix. Haven’t liked it for years. So go ahead and kill it for me, Harry Reid. Much obliged.  Go consult a neurologist as soon as you can.


Moe Lane

6 thoughts on “I’m not saying somebody paid to have Harry Reid beaten up. But if somebody did…”

  1. Rumor , well placed / reliable rumor , on The Strip is that it was not an accident .

    1. Then whatever happened to the bag of oranges and no bruises? Or did they want to make sure everyone saw it?

      I’ve seen people hit in the face with line drives that didn’t look as bad.

  2. i know this is a longshot bet but …. could Harry be having a moral crisis?
    I mean, it’s a million-to-one shot but he is about the right age…

  3. Harry Reid vs. Planned Parenthood? I’d root for injuries, but that ship has apparently already sailed.

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