The Activist Left’s sympathy for Adam Mark Smith is worth its weight in gold.

Quick background: Adam Mark Smith, as you almost certainly will not remember until I remind you, was that daft idiot who not only filmed himself harassing a Chick-fil-A drive-through cashier over her employer’s social conservatism, he did his best to make the video (air quotes) ‘go viral.’  It did. He then lost his job.  Now Mister Smith is on food stamps*.  And I’m told that various groups and sites out there have gotten kind of worked up about it** in the last few days… sorry, what’s that?

“Who cares?” That’s a very good question. And the answer is, of course, “Nobody on our side.”  Which is a good thing for Adam Smith, right?  After all, this entire thing happened in 2012. I had forgotten about this guy.  So did the rest of you, probably. I don’t think that any of us really gives a… ah, it’s no skin off of our collective noses if he works or not***.  So why didn’t anybody in the Activist Left just quietly give Mr. Smith a job about a year or so ago and be done with it?

Well, the answer to that is easy: Adam Smith is more useful to the Cause living in an RV and subsiding on food stamps than he would be at producing video content.  Any lackwit with a computer can produce video content these days, it seems; but somebody Driven Into Poverty Over His Stand Against Hate? Oh, that’s rare stuff.  Alas, it loses its potency when that particular somebody is given gainful enough employment to get out of poverty.

So… tough luck there, Citoyen Smith.  But never fear!  Your sacrifices made on behalf of the Revolution will be remembered forever!

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: It might transpire that, inexplicably, in the next few days Adam Mark Smith will suddenly find himself employed, and off of food stamps.  In which case, I can only say… well, ‘You’re welcome.’  Not that I’d really expect a ‘Thank you’ from the guy in the first place.  He doesn’t seem the type.

*And writing a book, which – judging from the way these things usually go – will get a good deal of good press from the usual suspects, and very little in the way of royalties.

**Or so I have been told. I’m indifferent enough to not really feel the need to check.

***I’m sorry: I know that I normally indulge people online when they pretend that they can hold a grudge for this long, but I’m not going to, this time. I understand not being able to keep a job right away in 2012, which is what happened to this guy; but if he had been given work in 2014 nobody on the Right would have noticed. And, frankly, by then there would have been more important things to worry about anyway.

8 thoughts on “The Activist Left’s sympathy for Adam Mark Smith is worth its weight in gold.”

  1. Presumably, if he’d spent his time trying to get a job rather than bellyaching about the world being mean to him, he’d have found one.
    It’s not a “vast right wing conspiracy”. We simply don’t care that much.
    The initial injury was self-inflicted. As were all the subsequent ones.

    1. Well, he is writing a book on the entire experience. Going out on a limb here, it won’t sell quit as much as Larry Correa’s next novel, which I’ve already spend $15 on eARC (hey, I’m flying out of town on Wednesday, and I really need something to tie me over). When the actual novel gets published in October, I’ll get the official Kindle version as well.

  2. So being an intolerant bigot while claiming that you’re Speaking Truth To Power wasn’t as profitable as he hoped. Bummer.

    1. Speaking Truth to Power = Declaring your moral superiority to a drive-thru cashier.

      Yeah, that’s a whole lot of delusion going in Mr. Smith’s head.

  3. Actually, I’m kind of shocked that no one on the left has given this guy a job. This makes them look weak. And it tells any other potential Adam Smith’s that siding with the SJWs is bad for your future.

    I like that message. I’m surprised the left is willing to let it go.

  4. It certainly doesn’t seem that the left has the back of those who carry their hate-banner.

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