So *that’s* what happened at Fort Meade today, then.

‘What happened’ being ‘two guys dressed as women tried to crash the NSA gate with their stolen car and were then promptly shot.’  Not terrorism, by the way: just… surreal.  In fact, this would be possibly not devoid of humor, except that somebody died:

One man is dead and another severely injured after gunfire erupted today at one of the main gates of the National Security Agency located at Fort Meade, Maryland.


Sources say the two inside were men dressed as women. Preliminary information indicated the two men were partying at an area hotel with a third individual when they took that individual’s car without permission. However, it’s still unclear how or why they ended up at the NSA gate.

The owner of the SUV picked up two men dressed as women in Baltimore late Sunday, sources confirmed. The three allegedly drove to a hotel in Howard County, Maryland, where they partied, sources said. Early this morning, the man woke up alone and the two men he allegedly had picked up were gone and so was his vehicle, sources said. The man reported his vehicle stolen to Howard County Police before the incident at the NSA, sources said.

I don’t like to preach, but there seems to have been a cascade event of Poor Life Choices going on, there.

5 thoughts on “So *that’s* what happened at Fort Meade today, then.”

  1. Heh, self-Darwinization is always kinda funny…. but I’m not really a nice guy anymore 😉

  2. As the comment section on the initial article indicates, how long before Social Justice Warriors sues NSA for criminal discharge for cross dressers?

    1. Suing the NSA? The agency that has all of the SJW’s tweets and blog comments, all of their Facebook comments?

      That would extremely…entertaining.

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