Ed Schultz gets rhetorically gutted by Heritage knife-fighter Ryan Anderson.

Real – yes, actually metaphorical – blood on the floor on this one: watch the video if you haven’t already seen it twenty times. Seldom do we see a more graphic demonstration of the truism that the Left wants the Right to shut up, while the Right wants the Left to keep talking. I particularly enjoyed the way that Ryan Anderson kept grabbing Ed Schultz’s arguments out of the air, flipping them, and then idly throwing them right back into Schultz’s gut. ¬†They teach that at Heritage, you know. Also, how to climb walls, disarm swordsmen with your bare hands, and get liberal locals to show up in force to support your conservative-themed rallies.


…and I’m having trouble with this connection, so let me just finish that here.

5 thoughts on “Ed Schultz gets rhetorically gutted by Heritage knife-fighter Ryan Anderson.”

  1. I’d feel a hell of a lot better about this if the people fighting back we’re the elected officials. Feel like we’re getting rolled on one thing after another and all things that are easy to fight back on. Damn depressing.

    1. I have to agree here. And I feel similarly when Noah Rothman writes each Hotair article declaring Dannel Malloy to have “humiliated” himself.
      Someone as smug as Malloy doesn’t feel humiliated.
      Cuomo and T-Mac are both joining in on that and neither feel humiliated.

    2. The elected officials are fighting back, and winning. It “Feels” like we are getting rolled, because that’s how the Press is reporting it. The only way they can stay in power is if the Republicans have another civil war, and they will tell any lie to spark one…..

  2. That being said I hope all of this national attention and in particular all of these national Democrats chiming in, siphons off all of the Cash IN Democrats are hoping to get.
    It would be just like the Left to boycott the IN Ds along with the rest of Indiana. And without that money Democrats stand little to no chance winning anything in 2016.

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