Quote of the Day, Alas, Mitt Romney Is Too Nice To Do This edition.

Glenn Reynolds‘ reaction to hearing that Harry Reid is proud of the fact that he slandered an innocent man:

You know, if I were Mitt Romney, I’d put a million or so toward hiring some investigative journalists to ensure that Reid’s remaining years were uncomfortable.

Fortunately, there are enough people out there with that kind of discretionary income who aren’t the freaking King of the Boy Scouts* that this advice could still be followed. And followed to some profit, too – profit beyond simple revenge, although simple revenge has its points.  After all, fairly credible rumor has Harry Reid being involved in a lot of interesting things of dubious probity and legality.  Pick him up, turn him upside down, and start shaking, and who knows what will fall out of Harry Reid’s pockets?

I don’t know, Timmy! Let’s find out.**

Moe Lane

*Thank you, Mass Effect 3.

**…Well, I thought that this was a quote.

4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, Alas, Mitt Romney Is Too Nice To Do This edition.”

  1. It shouldn’t be limited to Harry Reid. I can think of quite number of Democrats and their media enablers who would be interesting to check and see what shakes loose.

  2. were i one of the Koch people this would have been in progress years ago. if not decades.

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