Watch the Progressive Left Embrace The Crazy over Memories Pizza.

Dear God but this is bizarre.

Yeah, apparently the going theory among my super-genius counterparts on the Other Side is that Memories Pizza planned out ahead of time to get a bunch of semi-literate, provincial trash to scream death threats and foul language at them, just so the pizzeria could collect over $547K in two days in donations.  I suppose that this is preferable to admitting that this specific Two-Minutes Hate spectacularly backfired*, but honestly?  It’s not preferable by much.

Moe Lane

*If your long-term goal is to reassure people that American society can calmly handle both gay marriage, and the resulting disagreement over it, you have had a very bad week.  I started this week being more in support of same-sex marriage than I am right now, and it’s all the fault of the Left’s Goon Squad. And the Left should worry a lot about whether or not I’m the only person who has had that reaction.


  • earlgrey says:

    I think the hardest is my “reasonable” friends that don’t believe a baker should be able to turn down a gay wedding cake, but they qualify by saying a church shouldn’t have to do gay weddings (you know that is coming). I am passionately against making someone who does not believe in gay marriage make a gay wedding cake. This is their labor, their time, their effort and in their view their soul. Additionally they will profit from making the cake unless the plan is to turn Christians into slaves. A church is a building, but our body and our minds are our own. For those that a re not spiritual they may not understand it, but that’s when tolerance needs to kick in.

    Most that do not support gay marriage don’t hate gay people. I don’t think it is easy for some of them to turn down customers, possibly friends.

    The needs of the LGBT community are in large part being satisfied. Every demographic can say society is doing enough for them if they choose. Gay weddings are happening. Where are they getting all those cakes. If you have to die a Christian bakery as part of your wedding celebration maybe it’s more about making a point than making a commitment.

    • earlgrey says:

      I meant every demographic can say society isn’t doing enough for them.

    • earlgrey says:

      Of you have to sue a Christian bakery as part of your wedding celebration. Not die. I can’t post from my computer.

    • sicsemperstolidissimum says:

      If people are not compelled by force to make gay wedding cakes, then the Tea Party will find victims of sexual assault for whom gays are triggering, and create the Einsatzgruppen Cheney to make the Bay Area into a safer space.

    • Skip says:

      earlgrey, you know that’s coming. The little town I grew up in, the First Baptist Church had by far the largest auditorium in town, and there was a standing arrangement that if one of the other churches had a member who needed a larger room than that church had, they could use the FBC for weddings and funerals and such. They’d also let folks do weddings who weren’t members of another church, as long as those folks were willing to come in for pre-marital counseling.

      I can pretty much guarantee that given the choice between allowing a gay marriage to happen in the auditorium or just not allowing non-members to use the auditorium ever, well, the community will lose in that case.

  • nicklevi86 says:

    Too many on both sides are invested in a Game of Thrones style “Win-or-Die” approach. Fortunately, no one’s died yet, but not for lack of promising…

    • Ken in NH says:

      No, you don’t get to proclaim a pox on both houses until you can show me where the traditionalists and orthodox Christians have used similar tactics as seen this week. And no, the Westboro Baptist “Church” does not count as they have already been outed as a) Democrats and b) grifters.

  • Cameron says:

    We’re talking about the same kind of people who insist that there was a dark conspiracy going on with 9/11 and Sandy Hook so this really doesn’t strain anything for them to believe this.

  • sicsemperstolidissimum says:

    The state has no grounds to put any restrictions on agreements between adults. Which is why employers can always require ‘no union’ agreements as a condition of hiring.
    We certainly are all a very sentimental bunch, aren’t we?

  • Jack_Savage says:

    ” If you have to sue a Christian bakery as part of your wedding celebration maybe it’s more about making a point than making a commitment.”

    I’m using that one. Profound.

    ” I started this week being more in support of same-sex marriage than I am right now, and it’s all the fault of the Left’s Goon Squad. And the Left should worry a lot about whether or not I’m the only person who has had that reaction.”

    Great point.

  • Catseyes says:

    They really haven’t thought this one out very well have they? The corollaries would be would be: 1)any rube in flyover country is smarter than the leftists; 2)any rube in flyover country can manipulate the leftists anytime he wants; 3) any rube in flyover country can get rich by doing so while their leftist betters sit around impotently spitting bile. In short the leftists are as stupid and predictable as Pavlov’s dogs.

  • midwestconservative says:

    Yeah I was agnostic on the issue in 2012. the VA Gov race, the arguments during the DOMA case, and the behavior of the Left last year when the Marriage Amendment was being debated turned me from a “It’s going to happen why fight to”

    “Mount up”

    And I’m one of those evangelical millennials who’s indifference the Left was depending on.

  • Lady Penguin says:

    It’s really simple when it comes to the gay marriage argument. Marriage is a sacramental kind of deal – in the Catholic Church it’s called the “Sacrament of Marriage.” What’s happening is that gay couples are demanding that a baker, florist, photographer, wedding planner, etc. violate their own spiritual/religious definition of marriage and actively “PARTICIPATE” in a view that violates their faith beliefs.

    Demanding that someone do something against their will (in this country) violates several clauses of the 1st Amendment, not just the freedom of religion, but also freedom of association, and I’m pretty sure we’re going to get to feeling enslaved.

    What the radical LGBT people are doing are demanding that their ‘religion’ trump other faiths. This created the firestorm and backlash…and it will continue.

  • Mikey NTH says:

    “I started this week being more in support of same-sex marriage than I am right now, and it’s all the fault of the Left’s Goon Squad. And the Left should worry a lot about whether or not I’m the only person who has had that reaction.”

    The underdog gets the sympathy, not the overdog. The Left may have made a crucial mistake here when the bulk of the audience is either ‘live and let live’ or ‘leave me alone already’ in their beliefs.

  • presbypoet says:

    Went to a Good Friday service today. The theme was on sacrifice. Yesterday there was a giant service for a San Jose cop who was killed. There were 5,000 officers at his funeral. The pastor who spoke is a police Chaplain who was there. He talked about someone dying for someone else. The combination of the sacrifice of Jesus and the officer.

    We face a time in our lives when those who believe will have to face sacrifices. The 148 Christians killed in Kenya, make the sacrifice of being fined for not baking a cake seem small.

    Soon the question will be who’s side are you on. The secret is that progressives are only tolerant of those who are tolerant. What is not forbidden is required.

  • Finrod says:

    It’s gotten even sillier. An employee of a CBS TV station in Virginia on their ‘social media team’ tweeted the following:

    Are you kidding me? Indiana pizzeria raises $17k in an hour by being bigoted?

    I have reported the GoFundMe for Memories Pizza for fraud. Just in case.


    • Mikey NTH says:

      I heard about that one. I wonder if that person is capable of weathering the Category 5 crap storm that is headed her way? I wonder if she has unplugged from social media yet? I wonder if her employers have expressed their displeasure yet?

      The whole ‘virtual lynchmob’ thing can run both ways. I don’t think the Left has truly thought through the implications of all of this. And that really isn’t bothering me any more; sow, reap, and all of that.

  • Dan says:

    A few thousand years of custom and tradition yielded the government being involved in “marriage.” When this gay union stuff started, there were folks looking for a way to establish legal rights of inheritance, medical decision-making and so forth for same-sex couples. Although I think homosexual acts are a sin (but not the homosexual — it’s the old “hate the sin but love the sinner” thing), I thought that civil unions were a good idea since they could actually be extended to non-sexual unions. Such unions could include two old women who want to support and care for each other but are no way sexually involved with each other. Also see the Shatner-Spader union on Boston Legal. And the silliness on two-and-a-half men.

    But I *am* irritated that these unions are called “Marriage” by the state.

    So, get the state out of the “marriage” business. Have the churches retain the term marriage, but the court house just gives you a civil union. But don’t bless the CU with the appellation Marriage at the state-sanctioning level. It ain’t one.

    As far as the folks at the Pizza joint go, could they successfully legally pursue the infochick and the tv station (given that the tv folks set them up for public ridicule and even threats of harm)? I see the gofundme is up over 800k now. At least they could afford a really good lawyer (although it would be a great pro bono situation if some law firm or group would take it up for free).

    This also can protect the term “Marriage” from further harm when the state starts to recognize group unions and all the other stuff we can be sure will be tried in the coming future. What God has joined together let no man put asunder. And if God’s not involved in the state recognition, it ain’t a marriage.

    If you call a dog’s tail a leg, how many legs does a dog have? Four. Just calling it a leg doesn’t make the tail a leg.

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