California is apparently normally just a semi-arid place.

It’s fascinating to see the duckspeaking on display here

The drought, now in its fourth year, is by many measures the worst since the state began keeping records of temperature and precipitation in the 1800s. And with a population now close to 39 million and a thirsty, $50 billion agricultural industry, California has been affected more by this drought than by any previous one.

But scientists say that in the more ancient past, California and the Southwest occasionally had even worse droughts โ€” so-called megadroughts โ€” that lasted decades.

…and yet: the NYT is blaming, you guessed it, climate change! And never mind two mega-droughts that took place during recorded history. Also: the NYT is also pretending that environmentalists don’t divert a large portion of what water is available, which I would get more exercised over if it weren’t for the fact that at the rate things are going California is going to start out-migrating within the next three years. Just in time for the next Census… and won’t that cause a ruckus.

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