Oh, look. A new Star Wars multiplayer video game.

STAR WARS(TM) Battlefront(TM) (Deluxe Edition) is coming out November 17th. Lotta people been waiting for this one, which is by the way multiplayer, and based on the Only Real Trilogy.

And it is on a schedule, because the Mouse does not accept failure: “People who pre-order Battlefront will get it on December 1, while everyone else can play it starting December 8. The seventh Star Wars film will be in theaters on December 18.”

Moe Lane

PS: No, this is not a product placement ad in exchange for the game. ALTHOUGH I COULD BE PERSUADED TO WRITE A REVIEW AHEAD OF TIME.


  • Jeffstag says:

    “based on the Only Real Trilogy”

    So I can roll up a Gungan character?

    I’m thinking Gungan bard, plays the pan flute…

  • BigGator5 says:

    *lights cigarette and deeply inhales* Was it good for you too?

  • acat says:

    Upside to “Star Wars” being under the Empire of the Mouse: Stuff happens *on schedule*.
    Downside to “Star Wars” being under the Empire of the Mouse: Stuff happens on schedule *even if it’s crap*.
    We haven’t explored that second one yet .. and the deity of your choice knows it was worse under George Lucas .. but .. we’ll get there.

    • midwestconservative says:

      This was sort of already how it was when LucasArts ran it alone.

      That being said, it would take real skill to make a crappy Battlefront game, the first two were awesome.

  • Spegen says:

    Was hoping for new generation X-wing or Tie Fighter game like the ones from the 90s. I know the originals are available on good old games but would love to see the updated

  • Mikey NTH says:

    Are the Imperial forces actually threatening or are they still ‘WWII Italy in space?’

    Because – really. It doesn’t say much about the rebels that they cannot defeat a fleet that cannot hit the broadside of a battleship at pistol range.

    After the first of the ‘prequels’ I was itching to sign on with the Imperials and saying “Yeah, these doofusses won’t help each other against a clear threat so why have this Republic anyway? Now, here is how you do director fire for the anti-fighter weapons on your cruisers; this is called a “combat information center” and you put it down here where it cannot get wiped out by some idiot taking out the bridge – wait – you do have a conning tower with full controls that can still run the ship if the bridge is hit…where the heck did you guys learn about warship construction anyway?”

    • Moe_Lane says:

      It says something that Lucas had to graft a heavy-handed institutionalized racism onto the Empire – even after it started blowing up planet – to keep people from rooting for it. Especially after Episodes 1 to 3: I know that we were supposed to root for the Republic, but they never got around to showing us why.

  • Heftyjo says:

    Aw crap. It’s games like this that make me blow $300 on a new video card.

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