If Command takes responsibility…

…and Barack Obama declines to take responsibility*…

…then is Barack Obama, in point of fact, in command? And if he is not, then who is? Who is running this country, anyway? This is of more than academic interest to me, by the way: I live here.

Moe Lane


5 thoughts on “If Command takes responsibility…”

  1. Precisely why there are all the rumors about Valerie Jarrett.
    Because it’s more comforting to believe in an evil mastermind than the government being so dysfunctional that it tries to self destruct without constant adult supervision.

    1. …. embrace the terrifying power of AND ?
      Because the incredible dysfunction is rather obvious .. as are the various evil masterminds trying to get the dysfunction to move in their preferred directions …

      1. “…trying to get the dysfunction to move in their preferred directions…”
        Kinda like herding, er, cats.

  2. i bet those evil Koch brothers are running the country, and Barack is just trying to stop their horrible schemes!

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