BTW, MSNBC & NYT make fun of MMFA. …LOL.

Sorry about that.  Well, no, I’m not, because it’s funny:

“This is what Media Matters exists to do.” – Which is true!  I just never thought that I’d hear of somebody saying it on MSNBC.  Which just goes to show: every organization apparently has its breaking point.

That is apparently going to be a bit of a shock for Team Hillary.  Assuming that it hasn’t sunk in, already – and it really should have sunk in, already.  Here’s a remarkable truth: the media, of course, wants a Democrat to win.  It’s just becoming increasingly clear that they don’t want this particular Democrat to win, and it’s not even about Hillary, mostly.

It’s because of people like David Brock.  Having Hillary Clinton win means having to take David Brock, and his absurd hair, and his absurd little propaganda shop, seriously.  As well as the rest of the professional fanatics that make up Team Hillary; and if you think that we despise those people… oh, brother!  Imagine how all those Ivy League snobs feel.  Which would normally be an argument in Team Hillary’s favor, except that I happen to agree with the Ivy League snobs.  Ach, well, broken clocks and all that.

Moe Lane

2 thoughts on “BTW, MSNBC & NYT make fun of MMFA. …LOL.”

  1. Well, MSNBC has had to take MMFA seriously for about 7 years, I’m guessing fatigue sits in after a while.

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