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I’m glad he won the election.

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Moe Lane


…OK, now that the post is out of the way: yes, I know, there are legitimate arguments to be made about whether we should have had sent the entire Pacific Fleet out on December 4th to engage the IJN in combat, or whether we would have been better off simply having the battleships underway and not in harbor, or – well, take your pick. ┬áBut, you know, political communication realities and all that. Arguing that losing the battlewagons was a tragic but ultimately acceptable trade-off for having the unambiguous moral high ground can set people a little on edge.

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  1. Fortunately, the carriers were absent.
    But a couple more surviving battleships would have made Guadalcanal much less costly.

    1. We did have surviving battleships; three were minimally damaged (Tennessee, Maryland, Pennsylvania) at Pearl Harbor, Colorado was on the west coast, and the New Mexico class were in the Atlantic. When it came down to fighting at Guadalcanal Washington and South Dakota were sent into Iron Bottom Sound and Washington destroyed Kirishima – destroyed meaning “shot her so full of holes that the old battlecruiser staggered off and rolled over as her crew were abandoning ship.”*

      During WWII the USN put ten modern battleships into commission – only Arizona and Oklahoma could be considered permanent losses on December 7.
      *There is PDF of the wreck survey of Kirishima showing what Washington did at point-blank range – it wasn’t a gunfight, it was a slaughter.

      1. I am not logging in Texas, New York, and Arkansas – they were too old to take part in any real gunfights in the Pacific. They were best employed as convoy escorts and shore bombardment and did those tasks very well.
        California and West Virginia were raised and fought well; Nevada removed from the beach and also fought well after repairs.

  2. Knowing what she knows now, would Hillary Clinton make sure that Monica disposed of the blue dress?

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