So it turns out that my part of Maryland has the plague.

Not literal plague, but my kids’ babysitter told me tonight that what my house has is something that’s been going around and around and around the schools (she’s a teacher in the daytime). And that perhaps we should get comfortable with having said plague around, because it takes its own sweet time in leaving.  I can attest to this.

Sorry, folks, but I just keep napping a lot. I’m getting ready to do that again, in fact.

4 thoughts on “So it turns out that my part of Maryland has the plague.”

  1. Moe, last week Jim Geraghty’s podcast had Project Blue as a sponsor. You didn’t actually take them up on that, did you? ’cause M-O-O-N spells “That’s a bad idea.”

  2. Life pro tip: you don’t have to be sick to take a nap. You get to that age where you look back on recess and nap time and think, how did I ever let that slip away?

  3. Moe, we miss you when you’re less productive. But I suspect I speak for a lot of your Constant-ish Readers when I say that we’re grateful for what you do, and don’t begrudge you some rest if you need it, or, heck, even if you just WANT it.
    Rest well, brother.

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