‘Killing The Blues.’

Killing The BluesRobert Plant & Alison Krauss

You can find some interesting stuff, out there on the Internet. And, yes, it’s that Robert Plant.


  • Luke says:

    It’s a great album. Highly recommend.

  • AndaO says:

    Saw them at Chastain Amphitheater in Atlanta when they were touring after the CD came out. One brings in wine/food/candles/flowers, etc., etc. Chastain crowds are notorious for talking and socializing through ALL performances.

    Great concert. One of the songs Krauss and Plant sang, the “Ballad of NeverMore”, isn’t on the album. The entire place was mesmerized, not a peep from anyone. When the song was finished, the place exploded in a spontaneous standing ovation.

    Great memory. Think I am going to go put the CD on.

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