Politico is being too kind about Nancy Pelosi’s anti-wealth incompetence.

Politico has a reasonably good article up on Democrats’ self-imposed disarray on TPP/TPA: but because it’s Politico, they still have to be watched like hawks. Case in point is this passage…

For years, Pelosi was Obama’s legislative wizard. As speaker of the House after Obama took office, she ruled with an iron fist, muscling Obama’s health care bill through Congress, passing cap-and-trade legislation and Wall Street reform, and helping the president whip the votes for a massive stimulus package. It’s not a stretch to say that the biggest legislative achievements of the Obama era were a direct result of Pelosi’s efforts.

Cap-and-trade, of course, died in the House; and it, like everything else on that list, happened during a two year period at the very start of Obama’s administration. After that, of course, came the 2010 elections: since then, Nancy Pelosi has done nothing. It’s only been in the last year that her fundamental weakness has become visible.  In fact, this entire event has been a graphic demonstration of how Nancy Pelosi functions when Harry Reid isn’t there to bury her mistakes.  It turns out that she’s disorganized, incapable of making decisions quickly, and a bit rambling and unfocused these days.

But, hey, if she doesn’t want to retire…

Via Instapundit, which also had a link to this:

Currently, the House has to pass TAA by the end of Tuesday’s legislative day, or else the TPA vote, which passed, will be null and void. Of Course, Republicans could always change the rules — something McCarthy seemed open to — but GOP leaders are hoping that Democrats will just have changed their minds.

…and they did not, which leads us to this: “After the House of Representatives dealt a setback to President Barack Obama’s trade agenda last week, GOP leadership is considering stand-alone legislation that would grant the president expedited authority on trade negotiations, but without the controversial worker assistance provision that previously sank the legislation.”  As HuffPo knows, but declines to admit, this line of attack works out for the GOP either way.  Forcing the Democrats to filibuster a clean fast-track bill, or Obama to veto it, lets the GOP off of the hook: there truly is no reasonable way to blame the Republicans for the Democrats blocking TAA, which was one of their pet causes.  And if TPA passes without that aforementioned glorified Big Labor subsidy… well.  I’ll take that, sure.

Moe Lane

PS: …Look. Sausage factory tours aren’t for everybody, you know what I mean? No shame in it.

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  • Mikey NTH says:

    Or as the Republicans will say “Obstructionist? Who, us? No, right over there – that side of the aisle. Stay safe, you hear – they’re nasty when they’re tearing at each other.”

  • acat says:

    … would Obama veto it?
    … would Jarrett tell Obama to veto it?

  • mojo says:

    Be a real shame if they had to primary her ass to get her gone, wouldn’t it?

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