Quote of the Day, @Allahpundit Has Found His Dark Muse edition.

Unfortunately for him, it’s that hot-dog pizza thing.

…all of the reviews online about how this is the worst food ever created by humans are transparent bullsh*t. It’s no worse than any other Pizza Hut pizza. It’s just Pizza Hut plus an unimaginative gimmick, the most innocuous combo on the American food landscape. Wake me when they decide to get adventurous and make the crust entirely out of Cinnabons. You sick bastards will order pepperoni on that too, won’t you?

Yes.  Yes, they will.

Moe Lane

PS: What?  No, I’m actually really bad at finding places that serve this kind of stuff.  Heck, I couldn’t even find a shawarma place in time.

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, @Allahpundit Has Found His Dark Muse edition.”

  1. On pizza dough made of Cinnabons? Not pepperoni, maybe bacon or canadian bacon.
    Hmm. You could do something like that with a rolled out cinnamon bun thingee from the grocery store. Maybe cooked with some kind of dried fruit, and dipped in a peanut butter sauce, just to get it completely over the top?

  2. I consider such a thing – even proposed – as a thumb to the eye of the ‘we know better than you’ food people, including the First Lady.

    Now – it is summer; who here is up to placing animal flesh on a grill and sending pictures of that to the White House? Pictures of Americans of every demographic group grilling and eating? And then, late at night, making s’mores the way God and our fore-bearer’s intended them to be made.

    Send them pictures of that, and pictures of Americans roasting marshmallows, and Americans fishing, and water skiing and tubing and later hunting. Pictures of America raising a one-digit salute to the self-proclaimed betters.

    1. S’mores are good .. but s’mores made with Peeps are even more over-the-top….
      Yes, you can still get Peeps .. click on one of Moe’s Amazon links, then type Peeps into the search box.
      p.s. The Peeps eyes are made of chocolate and melt early, so .. you may get a mild “Raiders of the Lost Ark” effect..

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