The real problem Bernie Sanders represents for Democrats.

It’s not that Bernie Sanders is the next Barack Obama

The Vermont Independent has drawn huge crowds of supporters in Iowa and New Hampshire, and pulled within striking distance of Clinton in some Granite State polls.


He’s also a powerful presence on social media, where supporters are eager to share news about his campaign.

…it’s that he might be the next Howard Dean. Ask John Kerry how well that turned out for the Democratic party in 2004. Spoiler warning: it didn’t turn out well at all. All it did was waste a lot of money that could have gone to the Democratic candidate in the general election.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

Moe Lane

PS: “What about the Fifty State Strategy, Moe?” I hear people cry.  Well, says I: what about it? Sure, Howard Dean’s system created a short-term Democratic super-majority in Congress and dominant position in the states… which the Democrats promptly threw away in 2009.  The medium-term result has been the strengthening of Republicans across the country, which is something that Howard Dean most assuredly did not want to do. And I don’t think that Bernie Sanders can successfully inspire purer forms of socialism across the country; the public doesn’t like the taste of the stuff that’s being peddled now.


  • acat says:

    … Sanders has had a long and .. interesting career. (see Gor fanfic)
    That’s really where I don’t see him as a clear Howard Dean analog – Dean was on the way up, Sanders is on the way .. out. This is Bernie’s swan song.
    Thing is .. that means Sanders has less to *lose* than Dean..
    Interesting Times ahead for Team Clinton.

    • JAB says:

      So, I read an article about Karl Rove before coming here.

      Read your comment. My brain visualizes Bernie/Karl slash fanfic.

      Now I need brain bleach.

  • Antoninus Pius says:

    the day Bernie polls ahead of Hillary! anyplace, Groping Joe is in. and Fauxcahontas quite possibly will follow. it won’t be the Repubs who will have a full clown car this time around.

  • nicklevi86 says:

    I think he’s almost got shades of an anti-Goldwater: He excites the base greatly. So much, in fact, that the Crazy* wing of the party declares itself openly and scares everyone else off, ala the stinking Occupy hippies.
    *Not saying Goldwater was wrong, mind you, just that embracing the label of “extremist-for-liberty”was…..less than helpful.

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