Quote of the Day, Watch Carolyn Osorio Get Taught Her True Value To The Democrats edition.

Which is to say, a commodity.

When Hillary announced her second run for the White House, I felt my passion for politics reignite. I quickly applied for and was offered a position as a Hillary for America fellow to work on the campaign. I couldn’t have been more excited — until I was told I’d have to move to Nevada and work full time on my own dime.

It’s always fascinating to watch young people try to convince themselves that their perennial abuse by political movements is a flaw in the system, not the system itself.  But let’s face it, folks: people like Carolyn Osorio have a political destiny, and it’s to be ruthlessly exploited until they either wise up, or voluntarily turn off their sense of shame and dignity to compensate. And I know that my own side does it, too; and that’s a damned shame. But at least the GOP admits that such a thing as shame exists.  More than one Democrat would tell this woman to her face that she’s a bad person for not signing off on being exploited for the Cause.

5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, Watch Carolyn Osorio Get Taught Her True Value To The Democrats edition.”

  1. There’s a good reason for the campaign’s attitude – she freely admits after all that that she’ll still vote for Hillary. Stockholm syndrome, indeed.
    Oh look! Ms. Osorio is a former barista. You just can’t make this sh!t up.

  2. I recall it being on the level. I was going to support the candidate anyway, and got a T-Shirt in exchange for doing so a bit more prominently than I would have done otherwise.
    Of course, Helen Chenoweth was an idealistic candidate, so that might be far from the norm.

  3. We’ve already found out what she is, just haggling over price*, right?
    *zero is a price too.

  4. If I was told by any campaign to move halfway across the country for an unpaid internship, I’d tell that campaign to go f*** themselves, and then immediately donate to their opponents for good measure.

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