Kay Hagan declines to lose *another* Senate race in North Carolina.

Via Hot Air comes this refreshing bucket of icy sea water on Democratic fever dreams: “Former North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan will not be mounting a challenge to her former GOP colleague, Sen. Richard M. Burr.” Not surprising that Hagan bowed out though, really. It is not the easiest thing in the world for a former Senator who was tossed out of office to come back and win a new election, particularly when it is against an incumbent.

Alas for the Democratic party, recruiting people who have intimately known the bitter lash of electoral defeat is the lynchpin of their 2016 Senate strategy. Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania… shoot, the next Democratic nominee for FL-SEN might very well be Alan Grayson, who rather famously got smacked down in 2010, to the point where he had to go running to a safer district.  A lot of retreads, in other words. A lot of retreads.  Which is fine if you think that the electorate is regretting its previous decisions; but what if they’re not?

Moe Lane

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    1. Read about that recently in NR. I love it when bad ideas are taken to their logical conclusion.

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